Dr Michael D McDonald

Removing Cholera Threat

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Michael talks of his work in Haiti which has a population of 10.5 million people living in a country that can only feed 2.5 million. His mission is for Haiti to become sustainable, eradicate cholera and encourage reforestation. Michael talks about his health and disease surveillance system and the use of cell phones and intelligent social networks to empower the Haitian people to collaborate on a way forward for health and cholera control.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews pioneering Public Health Doctor Michael D McDonald in Washington DC.

Dr McDonald is President and Co-founder of Global Resilience Initiatives Inc.

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Michael’s goal is to use bring sustainable solutions to disaster areas and communities in crisis using information technology to create optimum collaboration between government agencies, NGO’s & the public.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti the use of cell phones & the internet was pioneered to gain information, raise awareness & fight the ensuing cholera epidemic.

Dr McDonald is President and Co-founder of Global Resilience Initiatives Inc (previously Global Health Initiatives, Inc.) which builds health information infrastructures, health decision-making systems, disaster knowledge management systems, resilience systems and resilience networks.

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