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Holly Riddel shares how she founded her unique jewellery collection for personal empowerment. Formerly in the diamond business, Holly’s deep inner purpose & love for others led her to create LIMI – Love Is My Intention jewellery range.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews designer, speaker & entrepreneur Holly Riddel in Los Angeles, California.

Holly is a loving and creative being  whose aim is to create more love for herself & others in the world. Her latest project is the fragrance 0.2. Zero point two is one fifth of a second, the amount of time it takes to fall in love!

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Holly Riddel creator of 0.2 Meet Your Destiny…

In our lives full of responsibilities, choices and of course heartaches, we hope for that first look into the eyes of another that sends a rush of excitement through our bodies.

Science has revealed that this sensation can happen in one fifth of a second. That means that in just 0.2 seconds from first seeing someone our bodies release the endorphins and other hormones that signal love at first sight.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to meet your destiny….would you?

0.2 is a unisex fragrance that provokes the emotional high of that first glance every time it is worn.

The particles represent all that is experienced in our everyday lives, and the magic of 0.2 comes shining through.

Life is never the same…

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Camera – Ashley T Hughes
Editor – Vanessa Crocini