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Music With Emotion


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Joris shares the healing capacity of sound and music from his perspective and what creating music has brought to him.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews creative lover of life Joris Vincken in Cornwall, UK.

Writer, songwriter, music producer & web designer from The Netherlands, Joris travels widely adding his creativity to many projects & sharing spiritual inspiration wherever he goes.

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Joris ~ Creative lover of life…

Joris has written & produced two beautiful songs for WHEN – ‘Vibrations Of Love’ & ‘I Am Waiting’ which you will hear on the introductions of many of the films.

He has just published his first book of poems (in Dutch – soon to be in English).

If you seek,
you have found your destination,

if you don’t seek,
you have found your destination.

Joris Vincken (2014) ~ see more at…

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Camera – Roger Edwards
Editor – Vanessa Crocini