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Transformation Being Seen

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Julie explains her understanding of fear and some of the process that she uses to transform fear that has originated from trauma during childhood.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green interviews WHEN Co Creator Julie Clare Hotchkiss in Cornwall, UK.

With many years experience as a yoga teacher, natural health entrepreneur and practitioner, Julie has brought her understanding and passion for self healing to the creation of WHEN. 

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Consciousness is the key for inner healing & transformation…

With her firm founding in yoga, nutrition and other healing modalities, Julie was perfectly placed to co-create WHEN alongside Bear. In the process she has turned her practical hand to new skills such as filming and editing as well as discovering a valuable inner growth through witnessing the healing stories of others and observing them as a mirror in her own life.

‘From a wealth of experience & transformation in my own life I have learned that physical & emotional symptoms are my greatest guide in creating balance & wellbeing.’

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Camera – Roger Edwards
Editor – Stefanie Watkins
Photography – Karen Ballard
Additional Photography – Paul Krystall