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Body & Past Trauma


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Natalia talks of the mind body connection and how past traumas are held in the body.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews Bowen Therapist Natalia Hammond in Cornwall, UK.

The Bowen Technique is a remarkable, non invasive remedial therapy that is suitable for all, from newborns to the elderly. It is a unique holistic treatment that is rapidly gaining recognition within the health care world for its effective and lasting results with respect to pain relief.

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Bowen ~ Activating self healing…

The Bowen Technique works by stimulating the body’s own self healing mechanism to regulate itself, releasing stress at a very deep level and promotes re-alignment of the body. The gentle nature of Bowen helps to instill an emotional calm and give a profound sense of wellbeing.

Natalia first discovered The Bowen Technique after her partner sought treatment for a shoulder and later a foot injury. She was amazed by the rapid recovery that was made within a couple of sessions. Natalia trained in Bowen with Julian Baker, the Principal instructor and founder of The European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS).

Natalia offers sessions at The Bowen Room, a treatment room in her home in the coastal village of Downderry, Cornwall.

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Camera – Roger Edwards
Editor – Andrew Kimery