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Simon shares his personal view of healing and love and his journey of physical pain and lack of fulfilment with his life that led him to Theta Healing, the work of Vianna Stibal

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews healing practitioner Simon Wing Lun in Sydney, Australia.

Simon teaches and trains others in Unconditional Love Healing through his courses & workshops as well as offering one to one a private practice.

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Living from a love perspective…

Simon started working as a spiritual healer practicing Theta Healing in his early twenties. In the years following he helped hundreds of people heal with all sorts of issues from chronic illness, addiction, and deep emotional pain, to people who had suffered from trauma, violence and sexual abuse.

‘For the first time in human history, we each have the ability to create lives of total joy and bliss, and together create an enlightened reality here on earth.

The challenge is that we are each being faced with our old fear, pain and negativity that’s been held for generations, which can create stress, sickness or even overwhelm in our lives.

Unconditional Love Healing is the most effective way to release and transform any fear, stress, or negativity with ease.’

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